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Macroeconomic growth
India is one of the world’s fastest growing economies with GDP today being 3.7 times that of 1991.

Although GDP growth has recently slowed, it is still significantly greater than that in the western economies. And it is generally agreed that the Indian growth potential is huge.

Structural reforms to the economy started in the early 1990's and there remains today plenty of opportunity for the central government to improve growth through market liberalisation
Power constraints
India is the 5th largest consumer of electricity in the world, yet the per capita consumption is c. 734 kWh pa as compared to c. 13,647 kWh pa in the US.

The existing power and grid infrastructure remain a hindrance to growth - infrastructure will be both a cause and a consequence of economic growth. It is estimated that 7% of annual GDP is lost through power shortages.

Energy security is a key issue for the government; there is increasing economic and political risk from the heavy reliance on coal and oil imports, which cost the country US$157 billion annually